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At The Classic Coachwork Company we don't see why 'traditional' has to mean 'old fashioned'.

From our premises in rural North West Essex, we serve clients from all over the UK and Europe. Whether it's a small repair or a full restoration we approach each job with the same commitment and attention to detail.

You can email or call us for a chat and why not have a look at the gallery for a flavour of our recent work or go to our Facebook page to see what's in the workshop right now.


Our team have many years experience in all aspects of restoration and vehicle preservation, whether your car needs recommisioning after a period off the road, upgrading to cope with modern traffic or you are planning a ground up restoration we will be happy to discuss your particular requirements with you.

Our range of specialist services include:

  • Paintwork - Classic and modern finishes, enamelling and powder coating.

  • Fabrication - Body repairs and panels made in aluminium, steel and composites.

  • Trimming - Interiors including head-linings, in leather and cloth, soft tops, carpet sets etc remade.

  • Media Blasting - Removal of old paintwork, filler where present, and corrosion.

  • Mechanical rebuilds - Engine, transmission etc, to original or upgraded specification.

We can help you plan your spending by setting a monthly budget limit for your project with our 'restore & store' program, Once that limit is reached, whether in parts cost or hours worked we will return your car into our storage facility where it can be stored until the next section of work starts. Why not contact us to discuss your project?.

Race preparation.

We have over 15 years experience in both historic and modern motorsport and will work with you to prepare your car, maintaining our usual high standards, ready to compete at any level.. We can also offer race support and storage & transportation packages to suit all budgets.

Maintenance  & Repairs.

Classic cars need maintenance too and the garage that will plug your modern car into their computer may not have the skills and experience to work on older vehicles. We are happy to undertake all aspects of classic car repair, whether it's a routine service or a major mechanical overhaul.

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race preparation

Race Preparation

All aspects of race preparation from a simple pre-season check, to a major overhaul. We specialize in competition car preparation particularly historic race preparation and race damage repair.

car restoration


Whether you are looking to carry out a major  restoration or some minor repairs we can undertake all aspects of classic car restoration and classic car repair.