It's all in the detail...

From chassis and body repair, panel fabrication and mechanical overhaul, through paintwork, to finally trimming the interior, we are able to undertake all aspects of the restoration and renovation process in house.  We can also sympathetically upgrade your classic for better performance, braking or handling whilst retaining it's period character.

See our gallery page for examples of our recent work. We are used to sourcing hard to find parts and when that vital panel is simply no longer avaiable we can fabricate the required component ourselves.

Restore & Store

We appreciate that planning a budget can be very important, particularly when undertaking a major restoration. We can help you control your spending by setting a monthly budget limit for your project. Once that limit is reached, whether in parts cost or hours worked we will return your car into our storage facility where it can be safely stored until work can carry on.

If you need to call a temporary halt to a project for any reason, no problem, the car simply remains in storage until you're able to carry on with the work. Whenever we work on your car you will recieve a report alowing you to monitor progress and the cost of storage will be included in your monthly budget. Contact us to discuss your project and we will be happy to work out a budget and timescale that suit you.

A major restoration on a car or bike can be an exciting, challenging but ultimately satisfying undertaking for all concerned. However sometimes projects run into trouble. If this does happen it is often attributable to lack of communication.

Before we start any job, large or small, we will discuss the project with you to ensure that we understand your expectations and requirements in terms of the extent of the work, budget and timescale. As the job progresses we will report back to you, advising you of the progress made and discussing the impact that unforeseen work may have upon the overall cost.

Most classic car restoration companies do excellent work but many fail at the 'project management' side of things, an aspect of any venture that should not be underestimated. Contact us to discuss your requirements.




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Race Preparation

All aspects of race preparation from a simple pre-season check, to a major overhaul. We specialize in competition car preparation particularly historic race preparation and race damage repair.